Toe Cleavage

I didn’t mean to spend the money, but I saw some pretty sparkly dangly curtain of crystals and lights and I wondered if I could touch, I wanted to touch it, so I did, I reached a scrawny hand toward it and, to my surprise, my fingers passed through, and I felt it, I felt the gorgeous purple shoe.

I didn’t know which section I was in or what it would cost, I just let my senses lead me and they led me to this wall of gorgeous heels. Initially, I was only there to admire, but after I tried them on I couldn’t deny myself. It was perfect, they were perfect—they felt specially sculpted for me.

The sales associate said the ones I was wearing offered up a provocative amount of toe cleavage.

“Toe cleavage?”

“Yes, toe cleavage. The designer came up with the term himself.”

“He must have a foot fetish.”

He chuckled.

From the web I learned that the designer did not come up with the term himself, but he does have a unique perspective on it, “The point is, it’s more provocative to show a low toe cleavage than it is wearing sandals that reveal all.”

He continues, “A good shoe is one that doesn’t dress you but undresses you, so if a woman is naked, and still wearing shoes, she should still look nude.”

Dare I say, these shoes are a weapon of mass seduction and I will wield them wisely, naked or clothed.

Self Driving Human

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