Fall Forward

I’ve been working hard, but my soul isn’t fully nourished unless I’m creating.

So this Fall, I’m bringing back Sultry Sunday posts at least two Sundays a month & Self Tie Tuesday posts at least two Tuesdays a month.

I’ve got more in the works for the After Hours series, more dates, more fantasies, more reimagined realities… But, I’m curious, what would you like to see more of?

Throw ideas at me—be it emotions you’d like to feel from the writings, kinks you’d like to read stories about (I’ve got Massage, Daddy Dom, CFNM, Bondage, and a lil Sensual Sadism on deck), but what else do you wanna read about?

Comment on this post or use my contact page to message me privately.

Can’t wait to create and share with you! 🖤

14 thoughts on “Fall Forward

      1. Keep writing, thanks for checking out my stuff. I’m all over the place as a writer. Je suis Cajun; a Cajun living on the prairie. J’ecrit pieds nus. I write Barefoot.

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