Iā€™m never

Just one thing

I sway my hips
like a sexy tornado
when I dance and sing

I want it
I resist it

I want you
& it frightens you
It frightens me too

All this sensation
over just the idea of you

7 thoughts on “Timepiece

  1. “And I bruise when you leave the room/I never liked the way it felt/keepin’ my/hands to myself/Like some magic moment of/ which I’m not quite sure/I wonder if you’ve ever been in love like this before/You’ll be scared when I possess you/But you’ll want me all the more” – From “Buzz” by Maddie Medley

    First time I heard these lyrics, I kept the song on repeat all day; the idea that proximity could be a mix of temptation, resistance, fear and yielding. To be so enticed that it becomes a wave, a vacuum, a magnet, drawing you towards the one thing that in that moment can eradicate the thin veil of restraint, the bare minimum of resistance–like the fabric drawn across your skin. Like Superman in handcuffs–the restraint to not break the frail defense is all in the pleasure gained from resistance. decorum. being the good boy, the good girl. but once that first tear comes, once the fabric wears and wanes–so does the inhibition, so do the walls.

    i can almost feel the netting between my teeth.

    ps; don’t get me started on wonder woman and the rope; Superman save me x.x

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