Only for Me

Today I complimented her outfit.

She was wearing a green romper—low cut, her bountiful bosom practically on a shelf by the grace of her bra—and some wedges with brown lips and smoky eyes.

We chatted for a bit and I got giddy

I want to know her, see her, show me
to her. I want to make art with her.

Her voice is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. It has such warmth to it—I hear her speak and it feels like a hug. It just makes me perk up and tune in.

I want to be her friend and ask her to narrate my stories
I want to be her lover and have her speaking to me in that soft and affectionate way, only for me.

Need to Know
Let Her Drown
starlight laden eyes

Staggered Desires

My universe will become your obsession 💕

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