He’s wearing suspenders today &
I’m wearing a jazzy little number
I command lightning and thunder
Tonight’s open mic theme is The Erotic
And in my erratic state of bliss
I search for courage to climb on stage
Let poetry flow from my lips
Like cannons from warships
If only today I was a bit more manic

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11 thoughts on “Cadence

  1. There’s always so much room to tease and play the words of a poem; I found myself starting from the title, down, running to a culmination of mania–and found myself pressed to read the lines backwards, not from left to right, but from bottom to top, so that, this iteration began with mania, sinuously crept up the curve of your leg, past the hook of the fabric, all the way to the red of your mouth–a mania of it’s own. i wonder if you knew you had placed yourself within manias embrace so willingly, Staggered? Mania can be beautiful, when it’s teased unknowingly from what looks like order–a deconstruction of expectations and walls. A lyrical taking. Fucking across the format like a lust-worn mattress. Enticing.

    1. “Fucking across the format” by reading from last line to first line here was surprisingly delightful. You’ve opened up a whole new portal to this poem—more for me to play around with, thank you.

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