One night I was in the gym, lost in sensation as usual. Stripped out of my formal attire, dressed in some booty hugging leggings and a black tank top with skeleton fingers over my titties as if they were being grabbed/held.

I was on that abduction machine, squeezing my thighs together and spreading them wide. I hit some kind of magical rhythm where my breathing and movement formed a balanced equation.

Something inside me clicked, so I stayed longer, opening and closing my legs, sweat trailing down my temples, the back of my neck, little droplets rolling from chin to sternum.

It was intoxicating being in my body that way, being aware of what was going on on the surface while also being blissfully lost at sea, surfing waves of sensation deep within.

I could have stayed like that forever
I moved in search of more
More of my mind opening up like this
More of my veins bulging like this
I felt powerful
I felt aroused
I felt infinite in a finite world

Embodied Movement
Glimpse of Light
I Can’t Wait

16 thoughts on “Endlessly

  1. To have such a fatale describe a fixation i have thus far been unable to vocalize to this delicious degree; when i speak of it to my partners, we simplify it (often jokingly) to my “strong woman kink”, but how you word it here borders on the primal: the synchronization of breathe and body. nirvana, so often projected as a place or state of mind, can be a string of sweat-soaked moments like this–enlightenment you can smell, power that’s physical and visceral and oh so psycho-sexual. from now on, if i have to elaborate on why i’d rather hold someone straight off the elliptical or the fly machine, rather than wait for them to “clean up”–i don’t see that sheen as filth, but as exertion, power, control, will manifest, breaking the separation of the feminine and force. masculinity, femininity, everywhere in between, filtered through the bone-warmth ache of pushing our boundaries–that’s what i want. what i smell. the craving…inspired writing, as always.

    1. It’s absolutely primal, and spiritual, and and and…so many wonderful things that I can’t fully express yet.

      Thanks for your thoughts here
      I hope you get to live out your fantasy and write a detailed story about it 😁

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