Write for Me

I’ve never been one for plotting outlines or charting character arcs. I’m a writer, not a planner, which, ironically, is my poetry and my pain-point.

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Behind the Curtain

I think the most rebellious thing a woman like me can do in this society is acquire knowledge.

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Just a thought

My friend got this cool new toy and sent me a video of him using it. It’s kind of like a fleshlight, but with more… body to it.

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Sound or Feel

Sitting at my desk toying with my earring, I had a thought that made me bite my lip and squeeze my legs together. It genuinely aroused me —the thought of only writing. It frightened me also.

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Familiarity or Fantasy

I didn’t cum this morning. The hustle has disrupted my routine, the hustle I do for someone else’s dream.

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The thing about emotions is when you’re in the depths of one is when you’re most capable of experiencing others.

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I came everyday last week. Every morning before work, before anything.

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Married Man

There’s this married man I’ve long been attracted to & now it seems he’s crushing on me too. It’s been brewing for a while. He’s been complimentary since last year when I put in curly hair… before I lost the weight. It’s important to me that he’s attracted to me at both sizes. I have no time for people who only like me skinny or only like me softer. Fuck all of you and accept me as I am.

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2022 Survival Guide

There is work to be done.

That’s the motto, the mantra, the resolution. This year, I know I’ll swing from states of manic euphoria to deep dreamlike depression.

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Dance, Dance

I like that feeling in my belly, when I really want to dance. Like walking on the sidewalk and a good tune comes on or when I’m in the gym and I just can’t help bobbing and moving, gyrating, not even walking but holding back my moves as I walk-dance across the floor.

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This Year, I Must…

I think what I need to facilitate my healing and growth is intentional touch, and what better way to jump start my slut phase than to seduce a masseur?

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Embodied Movement

Yesterday I ran 2 miles without stopping. That was the second time this year I got to that point. My bad knee is getting stronger and I can feel my body growing more confident. That confidence is spilling over into other areas, like an infectious smile, and it’s coloring everything around me.

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My boss doesn’t mind if I raid his liquor cabinet. He says there’s just a few bottles that he doesn’t want opened.

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Delta 8

I never thought it was possible to love something more, yet here I am thoroughly enjoying my entanglement with Delta. It’s got my mind calmer, quieter. Intrusive thoughts are more at bay.

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Still River Seduction

Beyond your wet panties lay bare the truths of this man. As you peel back his layers, you must remain calm. You know what you want and your path is clear.

Still River; you are not a tsunami.
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Savage X Fenty Review

I was looking for durable, yet cute lingerie at a decent price. So I decided to try something different. A girl friend of mine has a subscription to Savage X Fenty and seemed quite happy with it. Plus a few sex educators I follow on Instagram were shilling it and the pieces looked pretty damn cute, so I decided to give it a try.

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He has curly hair, blue eyes, tan skin, and the cutest little freckles on his nose! They stand out more when he’s wet with his glasses off. I’d like to kiss him with his glasses off. Feel him fumble his way around me. Fondle me, and I him.

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On Poly Relationships

In all my years of fantasizing about my perfect poly dynamic, not once did I consider the fact that being poly also means having many more relationships that end.

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Who Taught You?

In my younger years desire would call out to me. And I, a puppy greyhound, could not turn away from the pull. I would touch myself in ways that felt good instinctively. No one taught me to do it, I just stumbled upon my bliss. I remember bringing myself close to orgasm and stopping before going over the edge. Back then it seemed too powerful, too all-consuming. So edging was my jam.

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The Trouble with The Chase – Bachelor Edition

The Bachelor franchise is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s gone done hill fast in the last few years, but there are seasons like Rachel Lindsay’s and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s that I REALLY enjoyed. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a love story.

A few months back when I was writing The Trouble with The Chase I couldn’t help thinking of this one relationship from The Bachelor because it reminded me of some toxic shit I’d experienced in the past. I’m talking about the relationship between Cassie & Colton.

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Readers React: The Trouble with the Chase

Your response to my recent post The Trouble with the Chase was overwhelming. Many of you reached out to affirm my experience and share stories of your own. I also heard from some men who were confused as to why it’s so hard for women to say no, or why we feel we need to “be nice.” Because of the amount of stories y’all sent my way I’m going share some of your responses. Posting my story gave me a massive sense of liberation. I hope this gives clarification to those who were confused and most importantly, liberation to those with similar lived experiences.

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Glossary of Fuckboy Types

With the decade of my twenties almost behind me, I find myself reflecting on the men I’ve encountered along the way. There have been great guys, mediocre guys, and Ivan the Terrible. After each problematic man I remember thinking, “damn I wish someone warned me about guys like that…” Read More

Killing Eve

I’ve got a new addition and it’s this amazing show called Killing Eve. I’d heard about it, but never got a clear idea of what it was.

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The Trouble with The Chase

I’m no longer fucking ugly men. Unless you ignite a fire in my gut, a storm in my panties, the conversation is over. You’re not allowed to “grow on me.”

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The End of the F***ing World

The title is so relevant to our current sentiment, but this is a TV show I found on Netflix. Produced in the UK, and adopted from a graphic novel of the same name, the show is about two teens who run off together. Girl likes boy. Boy wants to kill girl. It’s dark and twisted and quite funny at times. Read More

Sick & Tired

I’m so disillusioned with porn. Read More

You, Season 2

I just finished You. The second season seemed to take a slow start, so I turned it off mid way through the first episode. Read More

What’s Next?

Having attended a play party that gave me a peek into the lifestyle I’ve hungered for, yesterday I found myself wondering what’s next? Read More

Dying in My Dreams

My aim is to no longer dream of my own destruction, for when I do I live in fear. And to live in fear is to stand still at the bottom of a Ferris wheel during a blood moon festival. To live in fear is to stand still at a November carnival. They come and go these opportunities to move. Yet year upon year I stay planted.

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