Prey & Predator

I wanna slow down time with you
Stand still
Watch nature videos and chill
With ya; let instinct take over

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I enjoy wanting to talk to you
& not talking to you

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Let pleasure find me

After the group call I meant to do guided yoga, but my body had designs of its own.

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Sensual Being

There’s so much I don’t remember. Places I’ve gone, people I’ve been, little lives I’ve lived in service of another’s vision.

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Look Up

Tonight, as I walked my dog
I stood for a moment and took
a puff of my vape
then tilted my head back
to see the smoke rise

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Her Rope

Lately, I can think of
nothing but her

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At Galaxy’s Edge

It will hurt
One can’t be sure how badly
Certainly, it will be

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intrusive thoughts

you're haunting me
thoughts of your lips
teasing and taunting me
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My Favorite Thing

My favorite thing about him is how I lose track of time when I’m with him. I get lost with him and his immense need for touch. Not just sexual touch, but gotta-be-near-you touch.

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Fantasy in the Flesh

I bagged the shirt I was wearing that night.

Zip locked and put away like evidence. I wish I could bottle his essence.

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The Sunlight

There’s something about the way the sunlight collects on his beard.

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Warm Tape

I’m ready to surf the seductive chaos of romantic pursuits. I’m feeling at peace, ass looking bomb in the suit. I’ve got my sea legs beneath me; not shaken, agile. Surrendering to the current of love. Oh sweet lust, please don’t kill me.

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I Touch You to Memorize You

I dwell in embodied desires. I’m a sensualist. I enjoy feeling things – feelings and things. Feeling on things, like you, for example. I like the texture of you and that dangling participle between your thighs.

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My gut or my pussy?
My gut or my pussy?

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My Desires Are Simple

I ache to know the curve of your lips, the agility of your tongue, the dexterity of your fingers, the girth of your cock.

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A Starring Role

Sometimes I ice my nipples
Before taking nudes

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Primal Me

I’ve been diplomatic  
I’ve been demonic
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