You were breaking glow lamps so that we could carry the light. Shattered glass bounced beneath us in different colors like fireworks on the floor.

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The more someone is prohibited, the greater the desire. I’d heard that before, but it never quite resonated with me. Not until my opinion was in direct opposition to my need.

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Send a recording,
just the sound

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The Elixir of Life

Listen as I sing in the shower, listen as water washes away traces of our desire. Inhale the fragrance of my bodywash as it snakes through the air, lingering like smoke in the atmosphere.

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Brilliantly Realigning

I like the shape of my water bottle after a run —crumpled in the corners where my grip was, like I was holding on for life, or something.

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The Rope

The rope is therapeutic
something new to get lost in
something else to make my
heart race and my soul
a little less restless

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I do love things

Like exploring the texture of things —I love touching things, touching things and tapping into sensations.

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I can’t wait

I can’t wait to climb on top again
I can’t wait to wrap my fingers
around it and hold on tightly.

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Face My Face

I need to go to the mirror
and look at myself

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Prey & Predator

I wanna slow down time with you
Stand still
Watch nature videos and chill
With ya; let instinct take over

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Double Trouble

Fantasy and reality are finally colliding. Is this what it feels like to be fully alive? To live in my body instead of warring with myself in my mind?

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The thing about emotions is when you’re in the depths of one is when you’re most capable of experiencing others.

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something carved out

The sky was gray this morning, but I conjured him in color. The shape of his shape. The taste of his taste. The lines of lust drawn red by faceless faces in placeless places.

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2022 Survival Guide

There is work to be done.

That’s the motto, the mantra, the resolution. This year, I know I’ll swing from states of manic euphoria to deep dreamlike depression.

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the water

the water is a place
where you drown, but also
where your image is most honest

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Reclaiming My Time

The thing about you is everything is always about you.

I refuse to be tasked with helping you hold on to your sanity

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Seducing the Census Man, Pt. 1

It was a gloomy Friday evening. All day the sky was dark and leaky like a WAP. I sat inside scrolling subreddits, bored out of my fucking mind. Suddenly, my little dog’s massive voice filled the room as he ran to the door. “Tail, come here” I called. Knock knock went the door again. What a pleasant surprise; I wasn’t expecting anyone. I pulled my Auburn Dad’s club sweatshirt over my hot nipples and headed to the door.

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Every Second A Sin

Every day is a struggle. Noah always finds a reason to chat with me, tiny ways to touch. Read More

Modern Romance, Pt 2

My pussy throbbed with every step he took toward me. I couldn’t stop looking at his perfectly proportioned face, his luscious lips, his gently shaved head. He wore a beard that I vowed to soak with my juices. Read More

Plan b

I looked up from black lace

Who knew I could hate you

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Today was rough and easy.

I sold nothing. I ran hard.

Today I felt my body. I wept to feel it more. Read More