Date With the Devil

“Come to a work event with me. I need arm candy.”

There was a time when I would freak out about whether or not a guy would text back. And what his lack of response might mean. And all my feelings of self worth were affected by this.

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The Sunlight

There’s something about the way the sunlight collects on his beard.

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Warm Tape

I’m ready to surf the seductive chaos of romantic pursuits. I’m feeling at peace, ass looking bomb in the suit. I’ve got my sea legs beneath me; not shaken, agile. Surrendering to the current of love. Oh sweet lust, please don’t kill me.

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Still River Seduction

Beyond your wet panties lay bare the truths of this man. As you peel back his layers, you must remain calm. You know what you want and your path is clear.

Still River; you are not a tsunami.
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n e e d 

m o r e. 

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Readers React: The Trouble with the Chase

Your response to my recent post The Trouble with the Chase was overwhelming. Many of you reached out to affirm my experience and share stories of your own. I also heard from some men who were confused as to why it’s so hard for women to say no, or why we feel we need to “be nice.” Because of the amount of stories y’all sent my way I’m going share some of your responses. Posting my story gave me a massive sense of liberation. I hope this gives clarification to those who were confused and most importantly, liberation to those with similar lived experiences.

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The Trouble with The Chase

I’m no longer fucking ugly men. Unless you ignite a fire in my gut, a storm in my panties, the conversation is over. You’re not allowed to “grow on me.”

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Long D

I’m not as sex driven as I once imagined. The truth is I could have a long distance relationship where we seldom have sex. One relationship in particular comes to mind – my time with Rick, the photographer from California. We met on Instagram. His breathtaking photos were always accompanied by bare bones poetry on some emotion. He made me feel even though he wasn’t beside me. Read More


Things left unsaid still haunt me

I can’t shake this hatred Read More