Does this look like a heart?

I’ve finally landed on a place to live—a state with great job opportunities, lots of nature, all four seasons, high walkability score, no state income tax, and legal lettuce.

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Are You Happy?

My goal was never to lead a happy life, but rather to lead a peaceful one. I don’t need things or people to “make me happy.”

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The thing about emotions is when you’re in the depths of one is when you’re most capable of experiencing others.

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Witness Me Tenderly

I’m feeling waves of heavy emotions today. It’s day 3 of my period and I am struggling. I am immensely sad. I feel exhausted. I have no appetite. I forced myself to eat oatmeal this morning. Half a cup and it took me over an hour.

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I’m gonna judge you

based on how you kiss

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Today was rough and easy.

I sold nothing. I ran hard.

Today I felt my body. I wept to feel it more. Read More


you puncture your own flesh

and pour tequila in your wounds

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Song Series, Vol 1.

There’s something magical in the

way music rearranges physics

With the right song, you can

exchange repressed reality

for waking moments in a vivid

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I long to empty my mind

Untangle its contents

like twisted silk thread

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