Let pleasure find me

After the group call I meant to do guided yoga, but my body had designs of its own.

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something carved out

The sky was gray this morning, but I conjured him in color. The shape of his shape. The taste of his taste. The lines of lust drawn red by faceless faces in placeless places.

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Sensual Being

There’s so much I don’t remember. Places I’ve gone, people I’ve been, little lives I’ve lived in service of another’s vision.

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Her Rope

Lately, I can think of
nothing but her

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Certain Hungers

I’m chained to certain hungers, though some are still without names. Without specificity. I crave a certain texture, a sensation, or place. I can’t pinpoint it, which torments me slightly, but excites me still.

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Shh, Don’t Tell

Tonight I’ve led him to believe that I’m out for dinner and drinks. I am having drinks, but I’m doing that solo. My podcast in the background, and an FFM threesome on my iPad as I toy with myself.

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STFU: Be Quiet

No strings. No commitment. No cuddling after.

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Office Heat 4

As Patrick’s face inched closer to the wet fabric, a heightened sense of alertness washed over him. Running her hands through his hair, Eve looked down at him and bit her lips. Her stomach muscles tightened and her senses sharpened. The room brightened as his kiss landed on the velvety softness of her inner thigh. She bit her lip and he, watching her, swore he felt her teeth on him. Read More

Thursday Nights

I can’t wait to have his hands all over my body. His sensational skin gliding over mine. Global wetness with more bounce at every ounce. I can’t wait to be spoiled Read More

deep admiration

I throw myself to the ground

hungry knees swallowed up

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With Passion

Come tear off my


Darling please

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Young Wild Hearts

I want a weekend of

smoke clouds, strong

flesh, and lust

Wild thoughts

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What if…

what if we could

go beyond

three dimensions

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Office Heat 3

By the end of the week Mr. Montgomery was present but absent, tirelessly thinking of Eve. “If work comes first when do I?” He was too transfixed to bother her about the proposal so Eve worked in blissful solitude, some days not leaving her office at all.

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Physics of Desire

The moment he holds you

like you can’t get close enough

is the beginning of good stuff

The moment you feel the magnitude

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Let Her Drown

Blindfold her with

butterfly kisses.

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Need to Know 


I need to know her.

Taste her. Be beside her

as long as she allows it,

as long as the fire fuels us

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