I’m never

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nameless woman

already madness moves its mouth
to cover half my soul, its breath like
a snowstorm, making my world cold

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What You Desreve

I want to see you get kissed, 

get licked, get tongued, 

and teased.

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the water

the water is a place
where you drown, but also
where your image is most honest

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Reclaiming My Time

The thing about you is everything is always about you.

I refuse to be tasked with helping you hold on to your sanity

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Today was rough and easy.

I sold nothing. I ran hard.

Today I felt my body. I wept to feel it more. Read More

romantic conflict

now that I know

you want me

to watch talk

of desire

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It’s the feeling I miss the most

the vulnerability of

earthquake and rain

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that night I wore a

royal blue neglige and

dagger heels to kill

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I finally know what it’s like to be DP’d

I’m very new to butt play, and for me it’s kind of like learning a new language. I’m not perfect at distinguishing what feels good or isolating specifics when something is inside me. But what I do know is I very much enjoy sensations on top of sensations, the more the better.

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Suddenly I was slipping

Take charge tendencies

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Song Series, Vol 1.

There’s something magical in the

way music rearranges physics

With the right song, you can

exchange repressed reality

for waking moments in a vivid

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Time Races Forward

When you love

You are uniquely vulnerable

You lay claim to a man like

A queen claims a nation

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Writer’s Eye

I’m an observer,

but I’m not judging

Show me

your darkness,

your deviant,

your divine

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I shower at night

to prepare for our sins

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Clitoral Truth

You’re unreal, so beautiful

I thought of you

while I took James Bull.

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Fuck with Sense

Meaningless sex doesn’t appeal to me

Sex for the sake of motion

Without emotion

Faked orgasms

Or worse, orgasms faintly felt.

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Months after dismissing you

as purged from my brain

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What if…

what if we could

go beyond

three dimensions

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Physics of Desire

The moment he holds you

like you can’t get close enough

is the beginning of good stuff

The moment you feel the magnitude

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