Good Luck Daisy

I normally don’t buy daisies on purpose because they remind me of an ex best friend who wore a good-luck daisy clip in her hair.

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House Hunting

“Tell me what you want and I’ll make sure my wife gets it for you.”

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I don’t wanna love you. I want to trust you

Trust you and thrust upon you

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The Trouble with The Chase

I’m no longer fucking ugly men. Unless you ignite a fire in my gut, a storm in my panties, the conversation is over. You’re not allowed to “grow on me.”

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Long D

I’m not as sex driven as I once imagined. The truth is I could have a long distance relationship where we seldom have sex. One relationship in particular comes to mind – my time with Rick, the photographer from California. We met on Instagram. His breathtaking photos were always accompanied by bare bones poetry on some emotion. He made me feel even though he wasn’t beside me. Read More