Do you ever feel Crazy?

Do you ever feel crazy? Crazy for wanting what you want, crazy for doing what you do, crazy for not doing what you really want to do?

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Lancelot, I Cannot

I can’t help but to fall
Fall into the taste 
of your touch

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Dying in My Dreams

My aim is to no longer dream of my own destruction, for when I do I live in fear. And to live in fear is to stand still at the bottom of a Ferris wheel during a blood moon festival. To live in fear is to stand still at a November carnival. They come and go these opportunities to move. Yet year upon year I stay planted.

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What if…

what if we could

go beyond

three dimensions

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Darling, you’ve always looked

good in melancholy, but tonight

I need you naked for me

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Proper Proportions 

One minute before midnight,

I could feel you on my skin

Goose bump covered tendrils

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