you’re touching
me, calloused
firm fingers

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A Beautiful Night

It was such a beautiful night. We sat outside by the water, the ocean breeze cooling my nerves.

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The Concept of Time

Through rose colored glasses
you watched me walk
walking on stained glass

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Would you lay
in bed with me on a
lazy Sunday morning

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From across the room I sense the look you’re wearing and I’m captivated by the near sight of you.

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the real you

I wonder if you’re
standing down
or sitting up

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I Touch You to Memorize You

I dwell in embodied desires. I’m a sensualist. I enjoy feeling things – feelings and things. Feeling on things, like you, for example. I like the texture of you and that dangling participle between your thighs.

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What I Crave

“We both have what we both crave,” he says as he runs his thumb across my bottom lip.

I open my mouth to receive him. His finger bends slightly to meet the warmth of my tongue. I suck, my eyes never leaving his.

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Past Lives, Arranged

I can’t help looking at my past pleasures and thinking they were the best it will ever get.

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Sacred Ground

A sanctuary in Thailand where you really want to kiss him, touch him, love him. But you can’t out of respect for the monks, the chapel, the sacred grounds.

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Who Taught You?

In my younger years desire would call out to me. And I, a puppy greyhound, could not turn away from the pull. I would touch myself in ways that felt good instinctively. No one taught me to do it, I just stumbled upon my bliss. I remember bringing myself close to orgasm and stopping before going over the edge. Back then it seemed too powerful, too all-consuming. So edging was my jam.

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Glossary of Fuckboy Types

With the decade of my twenties almost behind me, I find myself reflecting on the men I’ve encountered along the way. There have been great guys, mediocre guys, and Ivan the Terrible. After each problematic man I remember thinking, “damn I wish someone warned me about guys like that…” Read More

STFU: Be Quiet

No strings. No commitment. No cuddling after.

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King Black

I tried to play it cool, but when I learned the circumference of his cock, I was dripping hot, wild, and raging. Thick like a wrist I’d eagerly stretch for. Looking at you alone is enough, but your face buried in my pussy like a mango? FUCK. My favorite is when you look up and say “tell me where my tongue goes.” Commanding and demanding, what you do to me my demented mind never dreamed.

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Not Temptation

I’m not temptation, nor a side dish; I’m a fucking delicacy! Read More

Office Heat 4

As Patrick’s face inched closer to the wet fabric, a heightened sense of alertness washed over him. Running her hands through his hair, Eve looked down at him and bit her lips. Her stomach muscles tightened and her senses sharpened. The room brightened as his kiss landed on the velvety softness of her inner thigh. She bit her lip and he, watching her, swore he felt her teeth on him. Read More

Thursday Nights

I can’t wait to have his hands all over my body. His sensational skin gliding over mine. Global wetness with more bounce at every ounce. I can’t wait to be spoiled Read More


I’m gonna judge you

based on how you kiss

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No Words Wasted

It’s been some time that we’ve

been apart, but we are not here to talk.

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the heat

you and me

we couldn’t take the sheet Read More

deep admiration

I throw myself to the ground

hungry knees swallowed up

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romantic conflict

now that I know

you want me

to watch talk

of desire

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To Start

Sensual words

poured slowly

from her lips

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It’s the feeling I miss the most

the vulnerability of

earthquake and rain

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A Gnawing Obligation

It was one of those friendships that started out of mutual association.
A gnawing obligation

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Skyline Orange

skyline orange, my heart

trails back to you. you and I

on the brighter side of the dark

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