Bad Date/Good Night

Dating and being with people confuses me sometimes. Maybe I was just confused because there wasn’t a good connection. Yeah, that, that’s it. That’s why I found myself locked in a cage so I could get away from my date.

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Fullness of Form

It’s been ages since I’ve had a mind-blowing orgasm. Mostly it’s been a splintered pleasure where I cum while half in my body and half outside it, a single toy under the blankets, an ear perked up listening for chirps from the digital door. A gilded cage is what it felt like, the past few weeks I shared a gilded cage with others.

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Cool Down

Seated in the living room on an uncharacteristically hot afternoon, I was having a hard time concentrating on my work. Noticing the discomfort in my body, he asked me to close my laptop and join him for a little break.

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Locking Up

At the agreed upon hour, I heard a knock on my door. I grab you by the belt buckle and lead you inside.

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Teach Me to Talk

We were sitting on either side of his couch watching Yellowstone while hella stoned. At some point I stretched my body like a golden cat in the afternoon sun and my cold soles touched his thigh.

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Never Have I Ever

I’d never done anything like this before and my heart thumped nervously in my chest as I pulled into the parking lot. After battling with self doubt and uncertainty, I released a long sigh and loosened my grip on the steering wheel.

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Killing Time

Their first night together was nothing like she imagined. She spent most of the night with eyes closed wishing him to touch her.

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Lust at First Tie

He recognized me by my voice and my fingers.

“I saw them moving across his chest. The pink polish, the rings. You did some elaborate knot and tightened it around him.”

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