Naked with Other Women

Today I visited an onsen in Yokosuka and omg, I will never recover from the healing, mysticism, and embodiment I experienced!

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nameless woman

already madness moves its mouth
to cover half my soul, its breath like
a snowstorm, making my world cold

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Look Up

Tonight, as I walked my dog
I stood for a moment and took
a puff of my vape
then tilted my head back
to see the smoke rise

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Glossary of Fuckboy Types

With the decade of my twenties almost behind me, I find myself reflecting on the men I’ve encountered along the way. There have been great guys, mediocre guys, and Ivan the Terrible. After each problematic man I remember thinking, “damn I wish someone warned me about guys like that…” Read More

Song Series, Vol 1.

There’s something magical in the

way music rearranges physics

With the right song, you can

exchange repressed reality

for waking moments in a vivid

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Occasional Experience

It’s through experiences,

positive and negative,

that we feel most deeply;

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Editing the Moon

She needed more fire

So she built one under the

stars. Flames lighting the

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