Would you like to read with me?
Read with me in the room?
Read with me next to you in the bed?

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Toe Cleavage

I didn’t mean to spend the money, but I saw some pretty sparkly dangly curtain of crystals and lights and I wondered if I could touch, I wanted to touch it, so I did, I reached a scrawny hand toward it and, to my surprise, my fingers passed through, and I felt it, I felt the gorgeous purple shoe.

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After Hours: Headshots

I wanted to show my neck and pretty gold earring. He said I should have my curls on each side because it would be more feminine.

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Dangling his cuffs hypnotically above his head, she says, “Tell me the truth, do you love it when I take control?”

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House Hunting

“Tell me what you want and I’ll make sure my wife gets it for you.”

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I’ll be your
favorite story

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“Baby, how much longer?”

“10 more minutes,” I shout over the music.

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Teach Me to Talk

We were sitting on either side of his couch watching Yellowstone while hella stoned. At some point I stretched my body like a golden cat in the afternoon sun and my cold soles touched his thigh.

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Never Have I Ever

I’d never done anything like this before and my heart thumped nervously in my chest as I pulled into the parking lot. After battling with self doubt and uncertainty, I released a long sigh and loosened my grip on the steering wheel.

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Public Tease, 2

When it rains, I always consider canceling plans. Water can soothe or smother, and I don’t like thinking about traction. Thankfully, today I didn’t cancel. I braved the cold and rain to play some public games

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The more someone is prohibited, the greater the desire. I’d heard that before, but it never quite resonated with me. Not until my opinion was in direct opposition to my need.

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Prey & Predator

I wanna slow down time with you
Stand still
Watch nature videos and chill
With ya; let instinct take over

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Double Trouble

Fantasy and reality are finally colliding. Is this what it feels like to be fully alive? To live in my body instead of warring with myself in my mind?

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Married Man

There’s this married man I’ve long been attracted to & now it seems he’s crushing on me too. It’s been brewing for a while. He’s been complimentary since last year when I put in curly hair… before I lost the weight. It’s important to me that he’s attracted to me at both sizes. I have no time for people who only like me skinny or only like me softer. Fuck all of you and accept me as I am.

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intrusive thoughts

you're haunting me
thoughts of your lips
teasing and taunting me
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Date With the Devil

“Come to a work event with me. I need arm candy.”

There was a time when I would freak out about whether or not a guy would text back. And what his lack of response might mean. And all my feelings of self worth were affected by this.

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Fantasy in the Flesh

I bagged the shirt I was wearing that night.

Zip locked and put away like evidence. I wish I could bottle his essence.

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Lust at First Tie

He recognized me by my voice and my fingers.

“I saw them moving across his chest. The pink polish, the rings. You did some elaborate knot and tightened it around him.”

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Warm Tape

I’m ready to surf the seductive chaos of romantic pursuits. I’m feeling at peace, ass looking bomb in the suit. I’ve got my sea legs beneath me; not shaken, agile. Surrendering to the current of love. Oh sweet lust, please don’t kill me.

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I Touch You to Memorize You

I dwell in embodied desires. I’m a sensualist. I enjoy feeling things – feelings and things. Feeling on things, like you, for example. I like the texture of you and that dangling participle between your thighs.

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Shh, Don’t Tell

Tonight I’ve led him to believe that I’m out for dinner and drinks. I am having drinks, but I’m doing that solo. My podcast in the background, and an FFM threesome on my iPad as I toy with myself.

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What I Crave

“We both have what we both crave,” he says as he runs his thumb across my bottom lip.

I open my mouth to receive him. His finger bends slightly to meet the warmth of my tongue. I suck, my eyes never leaving his.

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