I think I like the broken ones best. The ones with scars on their chests, the ones who’ve fallen over board without a life vest, the ones who’ve hit rock bottom and clawed their way back up.

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Does this look like a heart?

I’ve finally landed on a place to live—a state with great job opportunities, lots of nature, all four seasons, high walkability score, no state income tax, and legal lettuce.

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Write for Me

I’ve never been one for plotting outlines or charting character arcs. I’m a writer, not a planner, which, ironically, is my poetry and my pain-point.

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Are You Happy?

My goal was never to lead a happy life, but rather to lead a peaceful one. I don’t need things or people to “make me happy.”

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Behind the Curtain

I think the most rebellious thing a woman like me can do in this society is acquire knowledge.

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I’ve met myself among the moon and the stars, perhaps catapulted here by one of those stick and rubber band slingshots younger me used to make.

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w/ Great Power

I’ve decided to reframe things I want to accomplish as challenges instead of goals.

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There’s nothing keeping
me here anymore;
maybe I should go

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I have this idea that I can paint on my body with rope, lay out a path to freedom—the on-my-body-railroad.

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Self-Tie Tuesday

What are the costs and benefits of your coping mechanism? What do you gain and what are you missing out on by getting lost in this thing, self-soothing with it? What do you minimize to stretch into this pleasure?

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Witness Me Tenderly

I’m feeling waves of heavy emotions today. It’s day 3 of my period and I am struggling. I am immensely sad. I feel exhausted. I have no appetite. I forced myself to eat oatmeal this morning. Half a cup and it took me over an hour.

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Two Dark Places

The two dark places I inhabit force me to take inventory of my thoughts and feelings. Sitting with the darkness, I realize it enriches me. For so long I’ve tried to outrun it. Now I aim to embody it completely. No longer avoiding the pain. I don’t just endure it, I embrace it. It doesn’t frighten me, the darkness. I’m drunk from the ropes that bind me. I accept endings, knots, and twists. I picture new possibilities as I reason with my darkest desires and sense a more enriching life beyond them. I let my thoughts run freely and I’m freer for it.

the water

the water is a place
where you drown, but also
where your image is most honest

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What’s Next?

Having attended a play party that gave me a peek into the lifestyle I’ve hungered for, yesterday I found myself wondering what’s next? Read More